Audiovisual work with drones: Data Surf House Project. This is the video made by ATOM Droneworks for Data Surf House, a new technological project applied to surfing. From now on, Surfing does not end when you come out of the water…. all the information about your session will be waiting for you in your Smartphone for you to analyze and share with your friends on the Internet.

We started this work at Christmas 2015 so as to present it in San Francisco (California) at the beginning of January 2016. The weather in Biscay is usually quite difficult around this time and it left us very few options to shoot the aerial footage with one of our drones in different locations of the Basque coast, as required by the project. When it was not raining, it was windy, and when it was not windy, it was raining, which made it difficult for our drones to fly. Thus, we had to make the most of the few days on which the weather conditions gave us respite, alternating them with filming indoor scenes in the DSH offices, in an exceptional work environment.

This video was produced in collaboration with: Josean Borge (Data Surf House DSH), Mikel Fernandez-Oruña (Gato FotoFilm), Jon Herrera (CX Surfboards) and ATOM Droneworks.